Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS

About us

As a research and technology service provider, the Fraunhofer IKTS develops modern ceramic high-performance materials, customized industrial manufacturing processes and creates prototype components and systems in complete production lines from laboratory scale to pilot plant scale. Furthermore, the institute has expertise in diagnostics and testing of materials and processes. Test procedures in the fields of acoustics, electromagnetics, optics, microscopy and laser technology contribute substantially to the quality assurance of products and plants.

Based on comprehensive materials expertise in advanced ceramic materials, the Institute's development work covers the entire value creation chain, all the way to prototype production. Fraunhofer IKTS is distinguished by its multiple areas of expertise: The triad of materials know-how, production technologies and systems integration is enhanced by the highest level of materials and process analytics.

Research focus

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Ceramic membranes of varying tube geometries.
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cerenergy® – the high-temperature battery for stationary energy storage.

At our Hermsdorf site, four strategic research priorities are set. The institute is one of the world's leading research institutions in the field of membrane development for water treatment, air purification and gas separation. In addition, IKTS develops dense, high-strength oxide ceramics for medical technology, tool-making and mechanical engineering, automotive, lighting technology, and optical applications. The key requirements here are high purity and small particle size of the initial powders (nano-powders) as well as knowledge of their processing. Another focus is on functional ceramics for sensor and actuator applications, in particular using ceramic foil and multilayer technology (LTCC, HTCC). The most recent and rapidly growing field of research is battery development for stationary and mobile applications. The focus here is on ceramic sodium-ion batteries, which are manufactured from domestic, non-critical raw materials and are characterized by a high degree of efficiency and cycle stability.