Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT

About IDMT

The Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT is doing applied research in the field of audiovisual media. The Institute is known as a competent partner of industry when it comes to developing groundbreaking technologies for the digital media domain. Together with its contracting partners Fraunhofer IDMT develops cutting-edge solutions consistently designed to meet user requirements and expectations. At its headquarters in Ilmenau and its branch lab in Oldenburg Fraunhofer IDMT employs over one-hundred people working on the Institute’s research portfolio. One of the institute's most important research partners is the Technical University of Ilmenau. There is close cooperation with various departments of the Institute of Media Technology, the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and the Interfaculty Institute for Media and Mobile Communication (IMMK).

Modules for the Media World of the Future

  • Acoustic test methods for quality control in industrial production
  • Control and design of acoustic transducers
  • 3D audio technologies for professional audio applications
  • Virtual acoustic product development
  • Content Analysis and AI Tools for Media Asset Management, Production and Archiving
  • Trustworthy AI, Security and Data Protection

Further Information